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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a SCAR 17 and have been thinking about buying a 6.5 Creedmor barrel for it. Do you know if I am able to easily interchange the barrels between .308 and 6.5 or is that a complete process that I need a gunsmith for? Additionally, my understanding is that I can buy a 6.5 barrel and install it and go to the range, with no other parts needed.

Yes, switching is very easy and no other parts are needed to convert but adding a handguard and gas parts speed up the swap.6.5CM uses the same bolt and same mags.

What is the Lothar Walter when it comes to barrel material? I know of chrome Molly and SS but I’ve never heard Lothar Walter.

The Lothar Walther blanks are German steel with proprietary materials that have longer barrel life than domestic materials.

I bought a barrel and selected to send in my bolt, where do I send my bolt to?

Sending just the bolt head and invoice #, to:

13017 SW Wheatgrass RD
Terrebonne, OR 97760