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Safety eye wear is the highest priority purchase when buying your Airsoft equipment. Approved eye protection is required at all times when entering the game play areas.


The power of an Airsoft gun is measured as the velocity of the BB exiting the barrel multiplied by the weight of the BB being fired. All weapons will be chronographed every day.


Anyone found carrying any of the items listed is subject to exclusion from the R.S.Airsoft Club: Lasers, Percussive Grenades, Smoke Bombs, Alcoholic Beverages


Tactical gear from world’s best-known manufacturers and the most popular creators. Wide selection of plate carriers, vests, pouches, backpacks, slings and other equipment at our shop!


We own an extensive shop (both online and offline which is right by our arena) that offers the full range of tactical gear and equipment that will totally enhance your day of an awesome play.


At our club, you will find different fields to play at and choose the one that’s right for you. We’ve built an exclusive, fun-filled and thrilling atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy.

FN Scar 16 .223 Deadshot Barrels

Open 7 Days a Week 25,000 sq ft Facility Centrally Located in the South

SS Deadshot Barrels Diamond Fluting

Thousands of Products, Best Brands, and Airsoft Gear Experts

AR-10 Deadshot Barrels

Our newest location, Raider Spirit Airsoft Spring, opened in the Fall of 2015