AR-10 – .308


AR-10 – .308


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Unlock Precision and Performance with the AR-10 .308 Custom Barrel – Expertly Crafted by Deadshot Barrels

Welcome to Deadshot Barrels, your ultimate destination for premium AR-10 .308 custom barrels designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Our passion for perfection drives us to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring that each barrel is tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.

Why Choose the AR-10 .308 Round? Experience Sub-MOA Accuracy and Superior Firepower

The AR-10 .308 round is the epitome of precision and power, renowned for its sub-MOA accuracy and relentless stopping power. Whether you’re honing your rifle skills at the range or embarking on a demanding hunting expedition, this versatile round consistently delivers outstanding performance. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence – embrace the .308 round and witness the unmatched results it brings to your shooting endeavors.

Customize Your AR-10 Barrel – Your Firearm, Your Rules

At Deadshot Barrels, we understand that individuality matters, and that’s why our AR-10 .308 custom barrels are all about personalization. Take control of your shooting destiny and explore our extensive customization options, including:

  • Brand – Material – Twist: Choose between Green Mountain – SS – 1:10  or Lothar Walther – SS – 1:10  to start your custom build.
  • Barrel Length: Tailor your rifle’s performance for various shooting applications by choosing the ideal barrel length.
  • Gas System Lengths: Optimize gas pressure and cycling with our diverse gas system length options.
  • Gas Tubes: Enhance efficiency and reliability with gas tubes built to the highest standards.
  • Profile and Gas Block Size: Achieve perfect balance and accuracy with choices like LIGHT .750, SOCOM .750, HBAR .750, HBAR .875, and Bull .936.
  • Optional Gas Blocks: Fine-tune gas flow and control with your preference of standard or adjustable gas blocks.
  • Fluting Options: Add a touch of style and reduce weight with fluting choices like 6 Groove, Diamond, or Spiral.
  • Thread/Crown Options: Customize your barrel’s look and performance with options such as Target Crown, Magna Port, Gill Cut, and 5/8″x24 threads.
  • Optional Bolts: Ensure flawless alignment with our top-quality bolts, or provide your current bolt for precision fitting.
  • Cerakote Finish: Protect your barrel while adding a personalized touch with a durable Cerakote color of your choice.

Stainless Steel Perfection – Unparalleled Smoothness with SS Ground Finishing

For those seeking the pinnacle of refinement, our stainless steel option comes with the coveted SS Ground Finishing. Experience a smooth, mirror-like surface that looks stunning in the safe or in the field. To make it truly unique, opt for a striking 2-tone Ground Finish by pairing stainless steel with fluting and your preferred Cerakote color.

Fast Turnaround Time: Your Dream Barrel, Delivered

We understand the excitement of upgrading your rifle, which is why our turnaround time for complete assemblies is 5-10 weeks. Rest assured, the wait will be worth it as you witness the transformation of your AR-10 into a precision instrument of shooting excellence.

Experience the Deadshot Barrels Difference

Unleash the true potential of your AR-10 rifle with a Deadshot Barrels AR-10 .308 Custom Barrel. Designed with precision and optimized for sub-MOA accuracy, our custom barrels are the embodiment of performance and craftsmanship. Join the league of elite shooters and hunters who trust Deadshot Barrels for their ultimate firearm enhancement.

Elevate Your Shooting – Order Your AR-10 .308 Custom Barrel Today!

Explore our wide range of customization options and experience the Deadshot Barrels difference firsthand. Elevate your shooting performance and precision with a custom AR-10 .308 barrel made just for you. Order now and embark on a journey of shooting excellence!

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Compatible with Armalite and DPMS platform rifles.

***Please make sure to use a DPMS style BCG.***

Try our Cerakote “Stainless” finish. It looks identical to bead blast, but doesn’t soak up oils or scratch easily.



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Custom barrels are warrantied but not subject to full refunds.


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