AR-10 – .260 Remington

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AR-10 – .260 Remington


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The AR-10 is a popular semi-automatic rifle that is chambered in a variety of cartridges, including the .260 Remington (also known as the .260 Rem). The .260 Rem is a cartridge that was developed by Remington in 1997 for use in the Model 700 rifle. It is based on the 6.5x55mm Swedish cartridge and is designed to offer improved performance over the .308 Winchester cartridge, while still using the same size magazine and bolt face.

The .260 Rem is capable of shooting bullets weighing from 120 to 140 grains, and can achieve velocities of up to 3,200 feet per second (975 meters per second). It is known for its accuracy, low recoil, and good terminal performance on medium to large game. The .260 Rem cartridge has a bottlenecked design, with a tapered neck that helps to center the bullet in the chamber. It uses a rimless case that is typically made of brass, and is typically loaded with a bullet that has a lead core and a copper or gilding metal jacket. The .260 Rem is well-suited for a variety of shooting disciplines, including long-range shooting, hunting, and competition. When used in an AR-10 rifle, it offers the benefits of the .260 Rem cartridge in a semi-automatic platform that is known for its reliability and versatility.

Overall, the AR-10 chambered in .260 Remington is a versatile rifle that is well-suited for a variety of shooting disciplines. It offers the benefits of the .260 Rem cartridge in a reliable and customizable platform, making it a popular choice among shooters and hunters.

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Compatible with Armalite and DPMS platform rifles.

***Please make sure to use a DPMS style BCG.***

Try our Cerakote “Stainless” finish. It looks identical to bead blast, but doesn’t soak up oils or scratch easily.


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